Useful Guidance Notes (when creating your website)

Below are some guidance notes that we have created that you might find useful when editing and adding to your website

  1. Getting Started
  2. Changing the Header of your website
  3. Adding, Editing and Deleting blog posts
  4. Adding, Editing and Deleting Pages
  5. Uploading Files to page on your website
  6. Creating an Image Gallery
  7. Inserting Videos
  8. Hyperlinking a word
  9. Adding a Static Link
  10. Managing Comments
  11. Categories
  12. Removing Likes and Sharing Buttons from all Pages and Posts
  13. Removing the Option to Comment
  14. Changing the privacy setting of your website
  15. Changing your Password
  16. Logging Out

Once you have created your website and are ready to make it public we suggest you delete this page.  You will still be able to view these guidance notes and any additional guides by

  1. Logging into your Glow account
  2. Clicking on the office 365 (Outlook) Tile
  3. Copy and paste the below link into the URL

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